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..or the "BOG-HOUSE" you British language speakers might say, is a Swedish based company of odd people who think books and dogs are greater than anything else in this dull and sometimes boring world.

We do not belive in "equal value" just instead in "the right value". All of us are different, and should therefore not be measured by one model. You should find your value. We are just animals, fooled to be characterized as "spirits" of any divine strange matter.

You have a script, you want somebody to print it, your story is special. Let us know about your story and we'll be back to you. How much it would cost for you to become immortal. Fill in all the information about your book project below and send it to us. 


Absence of evidence is just evidence that something doesn't exist

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Sep 17, 2017


Dec 25, 2017

Hör av dig!


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